No more guilty mother syndrome! Training package

No more guilty mother syndrome! Training package


“Am I really cut out to do this working mum thing?”


One in three women find it difficult or very difficult to return to work after maternity leave (NCP 2018)

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We cover:

  • Reasons for wanting to return to work
  • Concerns and fears about returning to work.
  • Return to work experiences: My first day back…
  • Postpartum emotions, hormonal changes and lack of sleep: Survival tips
  • Changes to work on return
  • Overcoming Guilty Mother Syndrome
  • How can Employers support parents returning to work
  • Options for flexible working
  • Creating a family friendly workplace culture
  • Keeping in touch days whilst on maternity leave  -The Benefits and what to include?
  • Creating a Return to Work Plan
  • Breastfeeding and beyond
  • Baby blues? Tiredness? Or something more serious?
  • Recognising PostNatal Depression Symptoms
  • Recognising Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a tough birth
  • Risk Assessment for Returning Mothers  -What to consider?
  • Consider setting up a New Parent Forum at your organisation: What is involved?


We will also train HR professionals how to help the employee:

  • Get  clear on post baby career goals and strategy
  • Develop the mindset to be a confident working parent
  • Learn strategies for effective balancing work and family life with lots of tips
  • Return to work with confidence
  • Cope with return to work anxiety
  • Prioritise Self care
  • Feel less anxious about inevitable sick days and snow days!
  • Feel valued in the organisation which will encourage loyalty and dedication

Following the training we will also provide you with a 60 minute webinar to download to your intranet “Returning to work for parents on maternity leave” which is full of helpful advice and reassurance for your employees!:

  • Information and tips on how to have a successful career AND home life.
  • Choosing trusted childcare
  • Tips on how to be more organised from baby bags to food prep!
  • Budget and Time management skills
  • Dealing with stress and self care
  • Stop beating yourself up!
  • Ways to improve sleep habits and routines (for mum and baby!)
  • Mum anxiety: Tips to help from Baby Monitors to “combating anxiety” podcasts that we recommend
  • Establishing a routine to ensure better and less stressful mornings!
  • Raising self esteem and confidence at work and at home
  • How to manage energy levels
  • How to be Happier at work
  • Quality time with your baby on your days off: Organise fun things for the weekend! A picnic or feeding the ducks at the park!
  • Consider a “Trial run” before going back to work with childcare. Preparation is key!
  • Call on support when you need it!
  • Talk to other parents, join or set up a parents forum at work for support!

What is included?

  • 3 Hours Online training session and certificates
  • A maximum of 5 participants from your organisation can join this live session
  • Post session: A 60 minute webinar for employees (as listed above)  will be sent to you which can be downloaded to your intranet or LMS immediately.
  • You will also be sent a tool kit for Managers and HR to download
  • You will also be sent the recording of the webinar so that you may use this in house in training others, present or future.
  • Date and time: Wednesday 23 March 2022: 10am – 1pm

Fee: £995.00

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Wednesday 23 March 2022: 10am – 1pm


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