Pre-menopause and Menopause awareness

Pre-menopause and Menopause awareness


1.3 Million Women Enter Menopause Each Year

Nearly half of women (47%) surveyed by the British Menopause Society who are in employment
and who needed to take a day off because of the menopause said they wouldn’t feel
comfortable disclosing the real reason to their employer or colleagues.In fact, 45% of the
women surveyed by the British Menopause Society felt their menopause symptoms have had a
negative impact on their work.

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Pre menopause – What is it and how does it affect women at work?
Menopause – What is it and how does it affect women at work?
What are the symptoms of both?
Forced menopause including Hysterectomy, Looking at the potential impact of this health
condition on the business, Options to improve your work environment including temperature and
ventilation, How Employers can best support employees going through the Pre-menopause and
the menopause, Options around flexible working hours and working arrangements to help
manage symptoms.

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