Women, Wine O Clock and the effects of alcohol on Employees: Training Package

Women, Wine O Clock and the effects of alcohol on Employees: Training Package


Wine o clock! Mummy’s Medicine!

Excessive alcohol consumption is an issue for many people across the UK, but when it comes to the ‘wine o’clock’ phenomenon one demographic is over-represented; professional, middle-class women.

“Wine o’clock’ culture blamed for record number of women dying from alcoholic liver disease” (BBC)

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This training session will also include a honest presentation by a professional woman: “How and why I became sober after a bottle of wine a night for 20 years” This talk includes how this habit affected her personal and professional life at work. This talk will highlight the “warning signs” that Employers should be aware of. She will also give tips on how to reduce or give up alcohol and the immense benefits that it has brought to her life. 

  • Alcohol is the cause of 17 million sick days every year in the UK
  • UK industry loses £7.3 billion a year to alcohol related sickness and absence
  • Managers and supervisors should be trained to recognise the signs of problems with alcohol. They should know what to do if they suspect an employee has a problem or if they are approached by an employee who declares a problem.

We cover:

  • Overview – Alcohol Advertising directed to women  fun social media examples of drinking in contrast to the taboo of the “Alcoholic”  label
  • We ask: Why do women drink?  Is it Stress?, Juggling home and work life?
  • Are women  using alcohol as an acceptable means of self-medication and stress release?
  • Women’s stories
  • An understanding of what a unit is and how many units are in different types of drinks
  • An understanding of the UK Chief Medical Officers’ low-risk guidelines and what they mean in real terms
  • Awareness of the health risks associated with alcohol in the short and long term, for anyone who regularly exceeds the guidelines
  • Understand how alcohol issues are linked to mental health and overall wellbeing, Symptoms and Behaviours including Hangovers and Hangxiety
  • The potential impact of alcohol on an employee’s work performance such as reduced productivity
  • How to deliver key alcohol awareness messages to employees in an informative and non-judgemental way
  • Do you have an alcohol policy in place? What should be included- we provide examples
  • How to approach an employee if you suspect a alcohol problem  -full guidance

How to promote a healthy alcohol culture across your workplace – awareness about short term and long term effects drinking and tips on alternatives such as mindfulness, self care, exercise, “quit lit” books and podcasts to help, non alcoholic drinks, gym, candles, relaxation and sober apps to track weekly drinking and inspirational speakers.

Available support

What is included?

  • 3 hours Online training session and certificates
  • A maximum of 5 participants from your organisation can join this live session
  • Post session:
  • You will be sent a tool kit for download so that all employees can access immediately.  You will be sent sample policies and procedures.
  • You will also be sent the recording of the webinar so that you may use this in house in training others, present or future.
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Tuesday 26 April 2022: 10am – 1pm


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