Understanding Cash


Part 3: Understanding Cash flow, profit and loss: Show me the money!

  • Funding your business including small business loans and grants – What is available? We take a look

  • How to price your product or service and make a profit – do not underprice yourself! Let’s have a go at pricing our product or service!

  • Getting paid!  How to produce quotes, invoices and receipts.

  • Understanding invoicing to businesses including what is a purchase order? The invoicing process and understanding payment terms. Let’s have a look at our samples.

  • Let’s look at different Payment/ merchant services. This is absolutely vital for any business where the customer can pay immediately. We will take a look at card machines,online merchant terminals,  paypal and Stripe. How easy are they to set up? How can we link these to our website or set up an online store? We show you!

  • Ensuring that you have a set of Terms and conditions – let’s take a look at our sample template including a returns policy.

  • Internet Safety: How to get a VPN (providing a secure private connection between your computer and the internet) and why this is essential for any business

  • Understanding Cash flow, profit and loss and Tax planning (the less stressful version!)

  • HRMC now requires all business owners to submit tax returns/ VAT via online Accounting Software. We look at the options, what it entails, how much it costs and our recommendations. (It is a lot less daunting than it sounds!)