Supporting Employees: Neuro Divergency – Wednesday 16 October 2024

£950 + VAT

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Wednesday 16 October 2024: 9-5pm – Online

Overview:  About 15% to 20% of the population is thought to be neurodivergent, but diagnoses for some conditions have increased significantly in recent years, including among adults.

  • Autism (adults & children) Signs, Diagnosis
  • Dyslexia (adults & children)  Signs, Diagnosis
  • ADHD (adults & children)  Signs, Diagnosis
  • The assessment process for adults and children
  • Support available for individual & parents
  • Hidden Disabilities
  • Neurodiversity & the Parent Experience
  • Supporting Employees with ND in the workplace: The law
  • Supporting Employees with ND in the workplace: Adjustments and Flexibility
  • Other support available