• Reasons for wanting to return to work
  • Concerns and fears about returning to work.
  • Return to work experiences: My first day back case studies
  • Postpartum emotions, hormonal changes and lack of sleep and the effect on productivity and tips which may help
  • Changes to work on return
  • Overcoming Guilty Mother/parent Syndrome
  • How can Employers support parents returning to work
  • Options for flexible working
  • Creating a family friendly workplace culture
  • Keeping in touch days whilst on maternity leave -The Benefits and what to include?
  • Creating a Return to Work Plan
  • Breastfeeding and beyond
  • Baby blues? Tiredness? Or something more serious?
  • Recognising PostNatal Depression Symptoms
  • Recognising Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a tough birth
  • Risk Assessment for Returning Mothers -What to consider?
  • Consider setting up a New Parent Forum at your organisation: What is involved?

Sample policies and procedures are included

A full toolkit is included