Coming soon! No more guilty parent!

This session is aimed at  parents of children of any age who are looking at going back to work!

We talk about the positives in providing for your family, raising your self esteem and why you should definitely  not feel guilty about being a working parent!. We share lots of organisational tips and advice on ensuring a really good support network. We talk everything from the benefits of your kids in childcare to boosting your confidence and looking at achieving your own goals!.

We share positive parent experiences in returning to work and we will instil bags of confidence into our parents that Yes! you can be a happy working parent!

We will look at:

Concerns about being a working parent – what do you worry about? lets address these concerns!

Keeping it real: Looking at “Pressure on Perfect Parenting” on social media exercise! Instagram v Real life!

Overcoming Guilty parent Syndrome!

10 reasons why you should not feel guilty for being a working parent

Looking at all of the benefits of being a working parent!

How to best Support Yourself when suffering from “Guilty parent Syndrome”

What is parental burnout? and what are the signs?

Self care  – How to avoid parental burnout

A wealth of tips to make your life easier as a working parent!

Routines and rules

Satchels and spreadsheets

What are your career goals? what would you like to achieve and getting a plan together to achieve that!

Boundaries to ensure a successful home and work life!

The importance of support networks and reliable childcare

Managing sick days and snow days

Support available