Returning from Parental Leave

2 hour online session with Q and A with parenting, coaching and midwifery experts

Aimed at those on maternity, paternity or shared parental leave who are due to return to work.

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Pre session you will be sent a Journal in the form of a PDF document. This is to be completed whilst you attend the online training session.

This will act as a valuable record for yourself and will be very useful to take to meetings with your Line Manager. A Q and A is available post session and you may email us with any queries or advice there after.

Course Content:

  • Parent guilt and The Pressure of Perfect Parenting! Who is to blame?
  • Super parents, super bakers and the skinny kale brigade on Instagram! Reality?!
  • Career and Family: Yes you can have it all
  • A recent study by the NCT looked at Parents’ perceptions of work-life balance
  • 10 reasons why you should not feel guilty in being a working parent
  • Establish personal motivation for returning to work
  • Preparing for a successful return to work
  • Addressing concerns and anxieties – Yes you can be a working parent!
  • Consider child care plans for snow and sickness days – Consider your support systems
  • Return to work – pre induction/ training/ equipment, access and passwords!
  • Breastfeeding arrangements
  • Working parents – The King and Queens of organization, lists and spreadsheets!
  • Our top tips to make life as easy as possible as a working parent
  • Reconnecting with colleagues
  • Top tips for the return to work phase
  • Parental physical and mental health: Are you okay?
  • Postnatal depression – Spotting the signs and help available
  • Tips in how to cope with working parent exhaustion – Self care advice
  • What is Parental Burnout? Symptoms and what you can do to help yourself
  • How becoming a parent affects our confidence and what we can do about it! Our top tips to get you back in the game!
  • New goals and priorities
  • Support: Organisations that can help
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Tuesday 29 November 2022: 12-2pm, Friday 9 December 2022: 12-2pm, Wednesday 11 January 2023: – 12-2pm, Monday 13 February 2023 – 12-2pm, Tuesday21 March 2023: – 12-2pm, Friday 28 April 2023: -12-2pm, Monday 22 May 2023: 12pm-2pm (FULLY BOOKED), Tuesday 20 June 2023: 12-2pm (FULLY BOOKED), Friday 7 July 2023: 12-2pm, Friday 8 September 2023 12-2pm, 3 October 2023 12-2pm, 7 November 2023 12-2pm, Monday 4 December 2023 12-2pm